Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) arrived at Washington still in agony from an assault that discarded him with six broken ribs but doing minimal to suppress conjecture about what engendered his neighbor purportedly to criticize. Paul, a second-term senator and former presidential candidate, ensued at the U.S. Capitol eventually for two programmable votes.

Chaperoned by two advisers, the senator did not show any palpable scars or injuries, but the pain was excruciating as he walked. A helper endeavored to avert reporters as Paul silently elucidated that he is nonetheless grappling to breath as his ribs cure. He even gestured and quietly refused an amiable handshake from Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) not because of some personal prejudices but he reiterated that it may be too excruciating.

The senator and his wife took a flight from Kentucky so he could vote against a procedural motion to commence discussion on selection of Steven G. Bradbury, President Trump’s pick to perform as the topmost lawyer in Transportation Division. At the time of George W. Bush’s administration, Bradbury was in the company of lawyers who assisted penning down the “torture memos,” which supported barbaric investigation procedures. Paul is an eternal critic of Bush era investigation enactment and dissimilar features of the years-long war on terror.

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Paul refused to respond to doubts from reporters at the Capitol but elucidated to the Washington examiner in his premiere interview since assault on November 3 that there was no rationale for what took place.