General Electric propounded a new program as it tries to overhaul its way back to intense growth with income approximates lower than Wall Street forecasts, a diminished premium and a belligerent corporate restructuring.

The Boston-based 125-year-old industrial consortium also said that it was slashing number of seats on its board as part of its reset year in 2018. It will also be shrinking the staff from its home office. Investors flinched at the news about the dividend and restructuring, tumbling shares down 7.2 percent in ponderous trading. The selling coercion caught up as the trading day went on with the shares down as much as 8.5 percent at one point.

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The stocks witnessed one of their unsatisfactory single day fall since April 2009 when the company was still captured in the anguish of the housing recession. CEO John Flannery said during his presentation at the company’s investor day Monday said that the GE of the time to come is going to be more attentive industrial company.  It will influence a lot of game altering aptness.

The incident took place amid a plummeting share price and was ‘immensely painful,’ halving of the quarterly dividend to 12 cents a share. The improvement plan said that the premium was set “with a course to develop going forward” but indicates the massive cut by an S&P 500 during a nonfinancial crisis year. Flannery added that this is a lifetime opportunity reaffirm distinctive company.