The CICO diet is Reddit’s most favored form of diet and nutritionists are not sympathetic. Reddit, a discourse website with numerous sub Reddit forums, has posted about the CICO diet covering many of its weight-loss forums.

One user who had been succeeding CICO for two months and shed 20 pounds wrote that for numerous years I contemplated that shedding weight needed a robust exercise and consuming nothing but tilapia, broccoli, and spinach. How utterly wrong thought it had been. Another user expounded that CICO will function despite of what one’s eating, Junk food, healthy food, fancy food, cheap food. It is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the focus on weight loss.

CICO stands for ‘calories in calories out.’ But CICO diet is being confronted by nutritionist as an old thought process. The diet propounds that one may consume any kind of food that one likes yet still elude weight by generating a calorie deficiency all through the day. This indicates consuming fewer calories than one depletes each day.

However, nutritionists debate that not all calories are generated correspondingly and depending on calorie counting to throw off weight does the body a disfavor finally. One may have to take into account how the food options influence the body surpassing weight loss.

Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN, and author of “The Superfood Swap” said that consuming junk food but maintaining it low calorie will still damage the skin, mood and gastrointestinal functions.