Images of the slimmer version of Slim Play Station 4 a.k.a the Neo a.k.a PS 4.5, have splurged all over the internet. From Twitter  to fan forums, a storm has triggered over the leaked images. With the hype train all boarded and speculations and ideas on full adrenaline, this elegant gaming machine is set for a welcome upgrade.Play Station 4

But what good would it get to users who are already content with the console and the games? Looking at Sony’s previous new launches being not just limited to looks, we are expecting the following new features in the Neo:

Port for Virtual Headset: Play Station VR is set for an October launch and is already up for pre-order. However, apart from the usual USB linking, there is no customized accessory to host the headset, which would obviously occupy more space and create clutter. With PS 4 Neo on the block, we can see a modification in the ports to plug in HDMI and USB for the headset. Further, addition of more accessories such as charging ports for controllers and camera, or external memory devices.

4K Video: With Xperia and Bravia already enabled with 4K display, it is probably now the turn of Play Station to render 4K quality video. The trio of maximum resolution would be a dream come true for any passionate gamer.

Reduced Power Consumption: For any high end gaming gadget, power consumption and heat generation is prime factor. The PlayStation 4 is above par, but Sony might want to reduce the power requirement as VR headset would demand more. Slimmer console would consume lesser and with VR combined, the heat and power consumption would not deter the performance.

Further, we can also see versions with different hard drive capacities, like we saw with the PS3.

Scheduled for an autumn release (rumored to be September), slimmer version of the Play Station would be Sony’s official move to compete against Microsoft much anticipated X-Box One S.

Sony’s legacy of video game consoles has seen slimmer and improved versions at a regular pace. Play Station 3, whose hardware evolutions have varied from backward compatibility with PS2 games to power consumption. With the PS 4 Neo and VR launch nearing, we can expect more excitement from the Japanese to the world.