The federal reserve will not only get rid of its three top notch officials in the months to come but also the tremendous experience they have been bringing to the policy making. In their position will be central bankers who may have a different experience to add, a deviation that will not be liked by financial markets yet.

New York Fed President William Dudley was the contemporary Fed official to be leaving the office. He has declared that he is going to put his papers in mid of next year. This announcement was just days after President Donald Trump said that he will designate Fed Governor Jerome Powell to take over the chairman’s seat from Janet Yellen in February, and less than a month after the exit of Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer.

This dishevels the ruling trio of monetary policy since early 2014 a group that carries 35 years of monetary policy skill. The inceptive take on Powell is that he will continue where Yellen had left, with a non-combative perspective to interest rates and a wish to undo the Fed’s $ 4.5 trillion balance sheet in a unhurried demeanor.

There are three positions that are vacant on the Fed’s seven-member board of governors. It will be four if Yellen determines to resign prior to be replaced as chair. Larry McDonald, a veteran Wall Street bond pro and founder of “The Bear Traps Report” investor newsletter said that the President is battling a very ferocious lobby from congressional Republicans to propose Stanford economist John Taylor for a vacancy.