After acquiring hundreds of protestations from medical marijuana card holders that they would be wanting for commodity they require for their health for a prolonged period of time the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs back pedaled itself and manifested to let dispensaries remain open during the licensing process.

The department advocated with a pronouncement in September that dispensaries should shut down by December 15th which is a day that appeals for five classifications of licenses become obtainable or there may be an uncertainty of losing their prospect of obtaining one of the remunerative licenses.

However, medical marijuana cardholders, more than 272,000 in Michigan, are anxious that invalidity of time between appeals and licenses  being granted by the state early next year would deter many of them  without permission to the product they utilize to cure many diseases from cancer to epilepsy.

Therefore state endorsed an emergency rule that will permit prevailing dispensaries that have surpassed an approval procedure in the locality where they function to stay open while they undergo licensing process.

Andrew Brisbo, director of the state’s Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation said that patient information was a huge component. When we observed the assessment mainly from people with pronounced complications of admittance, we wanted to assure that those people would be in reach of the medicines required.

The decision is not in the favor of the feelings of two members of Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board who wanted the dispensaries to close down even before December 15th.