The pursuit to “make America great again” may be having quite a reversed effect and ensuing in more apprehension ideally. A recent report showcases that Americans are predominantly worried about the future of the nation rather than their income or job.

Data divulged by the American Psychological association exhibits that 63 percent of Americans pronounce the condition of the country is an important factor for stress and that is moderately higher than factors like money and work.

Apart from that more than half of the interviewees, around 59% expressed that they thought the present time as the lowest point in the history of US as they can personally recollect. This figure traversed across generations involving those who survived the events like World War II, the Vietnam War and Sept. 11.

The report, named “Stress in America: The State of Our Nation,” scrutinized more than 3,400 American adults covering various enumeration to reach the outcome. Researchers polled interviewee on what drives them to be stressful as well as cross question particular questions on apprehension as it concerns the prevailing political milieu.

Tension over politics advanced across party lines but some political connections perceived it more than the others. An approximated 73 percent of Democrats polled expressed that the state of the nation was a prime source of anxiety for them contrasted with 56 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of independents. Specialists vocalize the survey culminates how the focal point on antipathetic news and political turbulence is a paramount driver of daily stress.