Walmart wants to discard its image as no-frills retailer and is preparing to hold thousands of holiday seasons parties at its stores and provide customers a rational to shop there preferably with opponents. The discount chain observing a recap of its victorious holiday quarter last year when it conveniently outsmarted opponents like target and Kohl’s said an important section of its Christmas period program would be to impound 20,000 holiday parties at its 4,700 stores and upgrade its in-store commodity affirmation.

The initial sequence of parties will concentrate on toys which will be held on November 4. Then succeeding in the shopping season, Walmart will hold parties that concentrate on entertainment on December 2. This will be preceded by in-store events on Dec. 16 that will focus on accepted gift ideas. The toy party will for example allow kids to entertain themselves with toys and click photographs with Santa Claus.

In addition Walmart will procure in great numbers the committed workforce it had aligned last year tasked with assisting shoppers recover online orders or hasten check out. Those employees whom Walmart dubs “Holiday Helpers,” will be perceptible in reindeer hats other than the blue and yellow vests that set them apart from the rest. Those store employees have been a part of Walmart’s attempts to elevate its customer service results and create more store commerce.

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In Walmart’s leaner inventory approach a huge test will be that the store needs to be well stocked during the holidays.