For the first time a space rock from a distant solar system has been recognized meandering through the corner of the universe. The asteroid is about 400 meters beyond and progressing at a clip of nearly 27 miles a second, according to NASA. For months interstellar intruder, a particle of an alien solar system has been prevalent around our cosmic neighborhood.  Now it’s proceeding towards another part of the galaxy.

It was first spotted on October 19 when a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy, Rob Weryk, observed a minute dazzling entity streaking across the sky.

Weryk rummaged through the archives for the Pan-STARRS telescope that regulates nightly sky inspections for finding celestial objects progressing through the space near Earth, and discovered the enigmatic body in images as far back as early September. The space rock ensue a path never witnessed before. Instead of circling around the ecliptic that is a plane on which planets, asteroids, comets and other solar system objects orbit the sun, this new object approximated from above. It was emanating from the direction of the constellation Lyra and had been journeying through the cold inoperative of interstellar space at nearly 16 miles a second.

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On September 2, it traversed the elliptic plane inside Mercury’s orbit. A week later it was to the nearest proximity of the Sun. Tweaked by Sun’s gravity it beck pedaled course and bolted back above the elliptic at an angle, passing about 15 million miles from Earth on October 14. It is now proceeding in the direction of constellation Pegasus.