Konami is set to release Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 on 13th September, 2016. Konami has launched the new trailer and few gameplay videos of PES 17. Many people downloaded the demo and it was well received. Fans like the trailer of PES as well.pesPES is trying to give a good challenge to FIFA 17 after some major announcements. Let us discuss the new gameplay features of PES 17.

Real Touch-

PES 17 was announced with a tagline ‘’Control Reality’’ and that’s why the feature of Real Touch literally defines it. This mechanism allows different players to manipulate and control the ball in their unique way. This makes it realistic.

Total Team Control-

PES 17 allows you to make different type of strategies. The tactical settings have been more improved than PES 16. You can set up your teams in different styles such as Counter Attack, Tiki-Taka, Park the Bus, Gegenpresseing and many more.

Improved Artificial Intelligence-

This year, there is emphasis on learning AI. It is expected to make the game unpredictable. Opponents are going to mark your key players on the pitch; they are going to adapt themselves according to your tactics. This makes the game very challenging.

Natural Player Movement-

Konami has created new animations this time around to provide a unique environment. Players such as Jamie Vardy or Karim Benzema are going to disturb defenders with quick movements.

Improved Commentary-

In the previous editions, fans often complained about repetitive and boring commentary. Konami has announced that Jim Belgin is coming with a new and improved commentary. Let us hope that fans get what they want.

New Partnerships-

FIFA is having exclusive rights for Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga. They are trying hard to ensure their dominance in the market. PES responded by signing partnerships with Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund and FC Barcelona. Other teams such as Bayer Leverkusen, Schalke, and Atletico Madrid can be also seen in the trailer.

Improved Master League-

The manager mode of PES, Master League is vastly improved. Negotiations have been improved. The transfer deadline day is also improved to make it look more realistic.