We have many great applications like API`s to back the app data. Then the question arises here. Do we need the new application? and answer is Yes. We need this because there are certain games which do not do good job of restoring it after a hard reset.

new app

But if you are having Interop unlocked Windows 10 mobile handset then that’s cool. This is because there is now an app on XDA developers which has a blasting role. It will let you back up the isolated storage on app basis for each app.

There is an App manage data tool in Windows 10 Mobile devices that can create back ups from current state of apps and games. It can also restore them later at any time, or to another phone or to your own phone after a complete factory reset.

You can do local back up archives from any of your games and apps. After that you can copy them to your own phone or to other phones, or PC.

Additionally, resetting of your apps same as reinstalling them are already in handle with this app. Another quality is the mappings, so fast this app is handling it.

Hence, don’t wait for the chance, just switch your data on and download the application. You need to just remove all your waste application.