The Environmental Protection Agency is upgrading security initiatives encompassing Administrator Scott Pruitt to an unequalled level as the members of Congress are cross examining if the costs are an inherent waste or slander of taxpayer dollars.

Pruitt’s security particulars are in the procedure of amplifying by recruiting a dozen more agents as the amount of ultimatums against the agency leader expand. The approaching agents will germinate the team that works in shifts to offer him interminable preservation, something singular of for Pruitt’s forerunners.

Remuneration solitary for the full team will cost at least $2 million per year. The figures do not involve values such as training, equipment, and travel. The disbursement expansion comes as the Trump administration has planned to reduce the agency’s allocation by 30% involving paramount cuts to the agency’s implementation work and staffing as well as rejection of some strategies. Pruitt conveyed to Congress in June that the EPA can consummate the undertaking of our agency with a minimal budget with genuine leadership and management.

Pruitt’s travel disbursement has also come under the wing of scrutiny following news reports demarcating repeated expeditions to his home state of Oklahoma, and many flights on charter and government aircraft.

EPA officials whose public portrayal and security disposition are habitually trifling as compared to other members of the cabinet did not have access to thi9s level of security being gathered for Pruitt. The agency’s inspector general said that no former EPA chief has ever got a 24/7 security detail.