When Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl abandoned Observation Post Mest in Paktika province in 2009, the Afghan War ceased. The U.S. Army possessed a DUSTWUN—“duty status whereabouts unknown”—for the premiere time in current retention. A solider had gone missing and had to be discovered. Performance was invalidated as the attention of every American was fixed on Bergdahl’s rescue.

Bryan Myers, a former Special Forces soldier who now runs the World is My Country Foundation, which focuses on humanitarian assistance in disaster zones said that one individual’s substandard commitment closed down a war zone.

Myers observed from the operations center as exceptional as the operation forces were hauled to search for Bergdahl. He said that when they recite, the whole military is approaching for you, they are telling the truth. There was only on aim fueling in us that was to get the American back. However, the probe had consequences. Two Army National Guard members and a Navy SEAL were gravely hurt on relieve missions.

Nearly eight years subsequently the enigma of what happened to Bergdahl is deciphered but the outcome of his resolution to abandon is still on hold. The US Army will soon start a punishment on Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to ascertain his discipline.

Upon conversing to various soldiers encompassing, a former Army lawyer, in preliminary hearing about how they’d penalize Bergdahl. The unanimous decision was that Bergdahl must be entitled to jail as he had perpetrated a corporal misdemeanor in presence of the armed forces.