The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse may be far away at this point of time, but the astronomers and the enthusiasts have already started paying attention to it. The Total Solar Eclipse is schedules to take place above the United States of America on August 21, 2017, which is just a day above 1 year. Turns out, the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse will be yet another astronomical spectacle just like the few others before.

2017 Total Solar Eclipse is just one more year away

Not a lot of people have actually witnessed Total Solar Eclipse. But gladly, there is no doubt of the fact that it is one of the most interesting celestial events that occurs in our solar system. During a Total Solar Eclipse, the bright and beautiful sun goes completely dark and the light around Earth feels more like evening in the middle of broad day.

All of you might just be aware of what a Solar Eclipse is. Well, Total Solar Eclipse is not something very different from it. Well, during a Total Solar Eclipse, the whole Sun is covered by the Moon, leaving no light to reach the Earth. This state of the celestial bodies also results in a beautiful ring formation around the sun. Although, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth align itself occasionally, Total Solar Eclipse is a very rare event. Solar Eclipses occurs on a regular interval of 18 months, but same is not the case with Total Solar Eclipses. The last total solar eclipse was observed approximately 37 years ago on 26th February 1979.

Turns around, the path that the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse will follow covers more than 300 million people in 1 or 2 days vicinity. The places along the path of the Total Solar Eclipse will certainly see a book in tourists who will certainly try to witness the grand celestial event during their lifetime.