EA Sports’ FIFA 17 is set to release on 27 September, 2016. Fans are eagerly waiting for it. Recently, EA Sports have announced the new gameplay features of FIFA 17. We also have got a glimpse of its gameplay.fifa 17Here are some interesting changes-

Active Intelligence System-

The AI of the game has improved this time around. It introduces new gameplay mechanics such as clever support runs off the ball and changes in the movement of the player. The new mechanics allow the players to read the game properly and to react to it accordingly. Now every player on the pitch analysis the closeness of opponents and creates space around them to make good attacking moves. Players showcase different types of co-ordinative runs.

Physical Play Overhaul-

FIFA 17 takes a new physical approach to make the game more realistic. There are goalkeeper collisions, new types of tackles and shielding. While dribbling the players are able to shield the ball and keep possession. The struggle to keep the ball is identified in its true sense in this game.

New Set Piece Mechanics-

While taking direct free kicks, you can modify your run up to change the ball movement. You can bend the ball beautifully. The new mechanics allow you to pick your teammates with better accuracy from a corner kick. Changes have also been made in penalty kicks.
There is a new feature of user-controlled throw-ins that allows you to take fake throws to confuse the opposition or throwing ball at pace to your teammate

The Journey-

For the first time ever, there is a story mode in FIFA. In this mode, you take control of Alex Hunter, a young footballer in England who wants to make a name for him. You can choose any Premier League club to begin this mode. There is an important choice system, based upon your choices, there are different endings. The inclusion of real managers is giving it a realistic look. This new feature is keeping the fans buzzing.

FIFA 17 Career Mode-

Some interesting changes have been made to this year’s new career mode. While managing a particular club, you have to complete many objectives which are related to Brand Exposure, Youth Development, and Shirt Sales. Different clubs will have different parameters on these aspects to judge your performance. This will keep you engaged.

Ultimate Team-

How can we finish a discussion about FIFA without mentioning Ultimate Team Mode? Legends such as Paul Scholes, Carlos Puyol, and Jamie Carragher etc. are available on it but it is exclusive for Xbox One and 360 versions. There are new squad building challenges that are going to keep us engaged. You can complete challenges in every week, against different players to climb the Leaderboards.