Update: As the words came out of Rafa Benitez right before the match, Newcastle United has found a way to take a solid 3 points from the away games. This is their first away win since December last year.

[It looks like Rafa Benitez might ust have discovered the correct formula for Newcastle United. They currently lead 1:0 against Bristol City. If things go well, this will be Newcastle United’s 1st away win since December 13th last year.]

Newcastle United boss Rafa Benitez is yet to make a mark for the team in away matches. Sadly, Newcastle United has not been able to register an away win since 13th December. Well, the question is can they do it against Bristol City? There is no doubt about it that the match as Ashton Gate against Bristol City will provide a good opportunity of Rafa Benitez to shrug off the mark.

Newcastle United Boss Rafa Benitez confident against Bristol City

New Castle United are probably already on a high with a solid 3 points in their 3rd game of the season, but sadly that won’t be enough for them at Ashton Gate. Newcastle United has quite an outfit this season, but they will have to play out off their skins get the 3 points against Bristol City. The manager would also love to erase the fact that he has not won an away game for Newcastle United since taking the charge in March.

“There are so many games that you have to win away.”

The Spaniard believes that his team has it in them to win crunch away games and he has already discovered the winning formula. According to a statement by him, “After August 31 we have to be sure we have the team, we have the squad, and everybody has to know what they have to do and so we need to show the character at home, but also away” He also added, “Yes, sometimes it is character. Sometimes it’s a lot of things as well but I would like to be sure that we will pick the right players for the away games.”