It’s almost a year since the launch of IPhone 7 for Apple to begin selling a dongle with which you can plug in headphones and charge simultaneously. Recently, Belkin discreetly declared that a novel, second version of its Rockstar adapter that entails a 3.5mm jack as well as a Lightning port.

Last year’s category had two lightening ports. To utilize the wired headphones, you had to plug in Apple’s headphone dongle into another dongle. After the not so satisfactory customer reviews for the plastic adapter and it’s censure for its substandard trustworthiness and forlorn discordancy with Apple’s own iPhone battery case.

However, this new version fares better as compared to its previous ones. The adapter permits you to listen to music trough headphones and charge your iPhone simultaneously. The thing to remember is that the headphone DAC is assembled into these adapters themselves rather than the iPhone.

This dongle is extensive in size compared to its predecessor. If you are placing it in your car just remember that it does not acquire the similar level of flexibility as Apple’s $10 headphone adapter since the cable is thicker.

When compared to the version with two Lightning ports, this adapter will not require double dangling. It won’t function as a headphone splitter. Belkin observes that the Lightning connector can be used only for syncing and charging. Nothing will happen if you plug Apple’s dongle or Lightning Ear Pods into it. As a matter of fact iPhone will keep emanating audio out of its speakers unless headphones are connected to the 3.5mm jack.