Ford Motor’s Chief Executive Jim Hackett reiterates the 114 year old car company has a brilliant future notwithstanding expansive technological changes and new contenders Henry Ford never envisaged, providing a blueprint for a novel portfolio of smart vehicles and transportation services that will aid in prospering a new $11 trillion “transportation operating system.”

The erstwhile University of Michigan football player told investors and analysts that if we have to battle we have to get fit today. In his first deliberate overhaul since being assigned as the CEO Hackett tried to equipoise keenness for the future with solemn evaluation of the disconcerting trials Ford faces today.

Though its revenue has germinated since the Great Recession so have the costs engendering Dearborn, Mich.-based automaker to omit its goal of an 8 percent automotive operating margin. Hackett also said that in the last seven years we’ve averaged a 6.1 percent margin but that is a minus. That production aperture of two points is worth billions in value. Actually Ford stock has gone up just 1.7 percent this year, plodding rivals General Motors and Fiat Chrysler as well as the benchmark Standard & Poor’s 500 Index.

Now with the automotive industry spiraling through the most sensational changes in more than 100 years, Ford must at the same time upgrade its financial health while revolving towards a new business model. Hackett also said that Companies do not wish to die and yet many are going through a similar fate by not evolving. It’s evident that as a company we must elevate our gaze to a level where we are not deranged as the world changes.