Even since the announcement of the new Spider-Man game at the E3 2016 expo, a hidden ember of long lost Spidey fanboy has ingnited. I cannot stop thinking about how amazing the next epic adventure is going to be and cannot wait to play it. It’s been a really long time since we have had a good Spider-Man. Yes, there have been many releases previously some of them hit high chords in some area’s and others failed miserably, the journey has seen its fair share of ups and downs.Spider-ManWith the arrival of the new Spider-Man coming on 2017 exclusively for the PS4 systems, we list out all the things that would make a great Spider-Man game and what all the developers at Insomaniac (makers of the highly popular Ratchet and Clank series) games should include in it to make it the perfect Spidey game we all have been waiting for.


This is something I feel every Spider-Man game has been lacking in, besides Spider-Man: Edge of Time and Ultimate Spider-Man. The main problem is it’s either a movie based or an apocalypse is happening. The main thing here is to make it, obviously, comic book related. The thing that really captured me with the two games mentioned above is that they were extremely personal to Peter. That’s something that always pulls me in.

Another thing that is important is to have some really interesting things going on with Peter. A problem with Spidey games is that they focus too much on the mask and we really don’t get to see what’s behind it often. The writers need to be top notch for this, get the best Spidey writers on the board ASAP. Things need to be balanced in a Spider-Man story,the same cliche story being told again and again won’t do any good now.


This is a big part in making something to marvel at. The city needs to feel like NY. So far I think the best was in Spider-Man 3. A big thing is surrounding areas outside of Manhattan. Loads and loads of pedestrians behaving in a very organic way and giving believable reactions to Spidey, hot dog vendors greeting us, curse words from those who don’t like us, people screaming in joy when they see us swinging through New York and saying “Look above, it’s Spider-Man!”.

Adding more, I also want to be able to cross bridges and visit places like Queens and Brooklyn. It would be so nice to be able to go to Aunt May’s house and walk around, talk to her a bit. Or the Daily Bugle, going inside and talking to Betty and Robbie. You could get missions from Jameson that way akin to Spider-Man 3.

The Statue of Liberty needs to be in there too, whether you take a ride on a helicopter to it or swim it needs to be part, it’s iconic. The proportions need to be better too, in a lot of games Spidey is either too small or too big compared to the city. Another thing is Easter Eggs. There has to be a lot of them within the city, whether it’s the Avenger’s Mansion, Oscorp, Stark Tower/Industries, the Baxter Building, or Sanctum Sanctorum. The city needs to be alive. Learn from Rockstar, they are master’s at it.


This is probably the most important part of making a fun free-roaming Spider-Man game.Web-lines should have their own physical properties (elastic, bend, collisions etc.) and the speed boost will come automatically, if you swing properly. You should be able to gain speed while swinging around a lamp post. When you try to shoot a web in the air and nothings around either Spidey tries to shoot and it falls down like silly-string, or he looks around, down at his forearms and doesn’t even try. The jump button should be used to charge a jump, and then let go, to catapult yourself out of the swing. Also bring in fall damage, we need to feel the sense of danger.
There need to be at least 5-6 different poses for web swinging, we don’t want to see the same pose again and again. Separate selective points should also be implemented in the game

This is similar to web rush, with this you can slow down time and there are selective points that you can choose from (up to 2, one for each hand) and Spider-Man will shoot a web there and that will be your anchor point for the swing. This could also be used for pulling yourself towards something to attach to while swinging as an extension from the web-zip. It could be used as a way to perch on say a gargoyle, an antenna, or flagpole/streetlight.

Do all these and it will be a treat to roam around NYC.


These need to by dynamic and suit each villain’s style. Spider-Man games tend to fall short on these, most of them being chases. The dodging system would be a cool way to show how acrobatic Spider-Man is while fighting his villains. I don’t want the battle to be punch, punch, punch, dodge, do some special thing repeatedly. To use as a base is what makes the Mr. Freeze and Deathstroke fights in Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Origins, respectively, is that they were both very different than most battles, and test what you have learned, and show you different ways to use your abilities.

Spider-Man’s combat needs to be unique. It should be fast, and agile. A mix of the combat for Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man Noire from Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions would be the perfect comparison to what it should feel like. The wall bouncing from Ultimate Spider-Man should be mixed in as well. For heavy attacks, I want to see something similar to Amazing Spider-Man’s heavy attacks from SD and EoT. Combining them together would make for some awesome combos.
Also to be Included are a variety of other things like unique dodge styles, creative use of web to take out enemies,using the environment to our advantage, awesome air combat(web of shadows did it perfectly).Basically using all the abilities of Spiderman in a creative manner to deal in combat situations.If all of this get implemented,it might very well be the best combat mechanics ever in a Spidey game.


The main missions in the previous Spidey titles have done a good enough job to keep me hooked to the story,the problem lies with the side quests and that’s what we are about to dive into…


Hero or Menace-

Sounded nice at first, but it’s a huge chore playing ASM2 though. I decided to replay missions to free roam. I didn’t have to worry about my Hero Level going down for sending the Task Force on me. Some rework needs to be done. Add a weight parameter to the crimes. If I have to pick between a deadlock and a petty crime I should surely go for the deadlock? No news channel would ever report about 2 thugs beating each other up when there was a deadlock nearby and Spidey stopped it. Now if you turn the situation around and the player would go for the petty crime, you could punish him for neglecting the deadlock/not making it there in time (if the player can manage to do both, good for him).


This is a key aspect. The crimes should never feel the same. They should be different.

Cars are not safe-

What I’m referring to here is I want to have car chases endanger others. So while I’m chasing a car, it might hit a car. Send that one flying into what looks like a painful death of some people. Wouldn’t it be cool to have different ways to try and save those people?

Say there is only one person, so you quickly rush over there and swoop down. Get the person out of the way or you could try and catch the car in midair TASM2 movie style. If there was say a group of people you could spin a web net to catch it. Heck, change it up a bit. What if there was nobody in the trajectory range, but a person was in the car. You web to the side of it, rip off the door, and pull the civilian out to save him/her. You save the people and then immediately go back to pursue the chase. Simple really.

Loading Screens

I don’t want to hop on a police car chasing an imaginary thug just to start the mission. I want to be able to have something akin to the beginning of ASM2 movie. While Spidey is swinging he see’s a couple of blocks away a car chase is happening. The action should already take place when you are nearby to trigger it, maybe by your spider-sense alerting you(?). It’d add another fun factor to the game (reaching the cop cars and the car(s) they are chasing). Also, wouldn’t it be cool to swing through NYC and see a burning building all in a seamless motion. This could go along with the smashing through windows thing I talked about earlier. You could see the building and try to build enough speed to smash through the window.

Smaller crimes-

How about some window cleaner falling down a building and you quickly try to rescue him? Hell, The occasional kid being bullied in an alley would be a welcome sight too. Your sole appearance will then make the bullies run away. The smaller crimes should be a lot more common, a burning building should be the highlight (or a deadlock). It destroys the immersion when there are multiple buildings that have been burned down. I feel stuff like that should affect the environment.

Coin collection web swing, repeatedly saving the same people and taking them to the hospital before the timer runs out. Unnecessary beating the crap out of thugs, collecting comic books. The above mentioned quests should replace these ASAP. This will add a whole new dimension to the Spidey game and consequently make us more immersed in the game.


So wrapping things up, here are a few features we would like to see in the upcoming Spidey title
1) Ability to play as Peter Parker whenever you want. A short and seprarate  quest line solely for Peter where he interacts with his friends, aunt and people around him.

2) A spider sense just like the detective vision in Arkham games. However, it should be much more amplified to be able to highlight points of interest.

3) An amazing soundtrack and proper score for each situation with dynamic shifts in the music would be perfect. A familiar voice cast would be an icing on the cake provided they do the job well.

4) Add Venom to the story by any means. As a side quest or main quest and when he is nearby your spider sense stops. How cool would that be?

5) Last but not the least,loads of loads of iconic Spiderman costumes, how could we not mention that?⁠⁠⁠⁠