The Mafia franchise is back with its latest installment Mafia III. The game is developed by Hangar 13 and will be published by 2K Games. Mafia III is the first game of the franchise to be developed by Hangar 13. mafia 3MAFIA III is an upcoming action-adventure game. The game will be officially released on October 7, 2016. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


The game is set in 1968 in New Bordeaux, which is the fictionalised version of New Orleans. The player steps into the shoes of Lincoln Clay, an African-American orphan who has been to Vietnam. After his tenure in the army, he returned home and joined the black mob. On his return, the Italian mob makes an attempt on his life.However,  Clay is saved by a priest. Following his failed attempt, Clay starts his own organisation to get revenge. In his pursuit for retribution, he is aided by Cassandra, Burke and Vito Scaletta, the protagonist in Mafia II.


Mafia III is a third-person action-adventure game. The game is set in a fictionalised version of New Orleans. It is an open-world game, allowing players to freely roam around and explore. The game also allows the player to apply multiple approaches in order to complete objectives. The player can have either ”all guns blazing” approach or a stealthy and tactical approach. The game features a cover system but it also allows execution moves and melee combat. One fun feature of the game is the option to interrogate non-playable characters. The game portrays an accurate picture of the gang wars in America.


Mafia III is powered by the Unreal Engine. The engine provides an extremely realistic atmosphere. The streets of New Bordeaux look dirty and misshapen just like real streets. The violence is stylised and provides a visual treat. The colours are sharp and the textures deep. From what all we have seen so far of the game in trailers, the game is going to be a visual delight.


Mafia III got a mixed reception from its fans. While it was praised for its more fluid gameplay and better visuals, it drew flak too. One primary concern was that the gunplay looked extremely generic and robotic. Another issue that fans raised was the discontinuation of the Italian mob’s story. On the other hand, the developers said that it was time the Mafia series started exploring new horizons.  All in all the game got  a more positive response than negative one.


The trailers and the teases have raised the bar of expectations for Mafia III. The game looks good and the streets have been captured almost perfectly. The mob wars and the violence are extremely graphic and real. Whether the concerns of the fans are true still remains to be seen. However, one thing is for sure, Mafia III is going to be one hell of a game. So are you excited about the game? Let us know in the comments section