The US military is organizing to place the USNS Comfort hospital ship to help with FEMA’s answer attempts in Puerto Rico a week after Hurricane Maria wrecked the island as a Category 4 storm. Solace is seagoing medical treatment provision effective in offering revival and equalization care. Inceptive wound and basic surgery and postoperative cure.

Puerto Rican officials requested for extra medical help from the ship following originally pointing that they wanted to concentrate on obtaining power re instituted to mangled hospitals on the shore. According to FEMA administrator Brock Long solace is on the way and it may not station for another week within five to nine days as supplementary forces are initiated to assist man the ship entailing its contemporary crew of about 18 civilian mariners.

The crew is presuming to increase to as many 60 and the medical crew could grow from the accurately 65 now the ship to as many as 1,200, according to officials. Hillary Clinton recommended the Defense Department to discharge a Navy medical ship. On the other hand Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi asked for Republicans to amalgamate with Democrats to permit a powerful remission package.

The Navy hospital ship is one section of the military’s humanitarian aid endeavor positioning aid to both Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands after the storm devastated important infrastructure in the region.

The USS Kearsarge Amphibious Ready Group has already been carrying out rescue operations in the region involving eight medical evictions and 148 airlifts and has transported 44,177 pounds of relief contributions and cargo to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands since Maria struck.