Uber declared that it would halt service in Montreal and the Quebec province succeeding months rather than face novel government regulations. It’s a glitch for the ride-hailing service’s international functioning. The taxi manager in London declared that it would not renew Uber’s license, accusing it of acting irresponsibly.

Up till now Uber seem to have been indulging in contravening local regulations as it pushed its way into markets. But its insistent ways consolidating with a series of scandals may be catching up with it. Recently, Dara Khosrowshahi was appointed as chief executive to substitute Uber’s co-founder, Travis Kalanick, who had been enforced to step down.

Quebec’s resolution to command terms to Uber is another indication that governments and managers are ready to take a backseat when faced by coercion from the company. In Quebec where Uber has precipitated into a huge rally by Montreal cabdrivers who argue that it has dissolved their livelihoods by disregarding laws, the ride-hailing company has functioned for a year under singular consent while it mediated enduring regulations with the government.

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Laurent Lessard, the provincial transport minister, declared prerequisite he was asking in trading for expanding the program for further 12 months.  Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, the general manager of Uber Montreal said that the company could not receive the government’s plan to escalate minimal instructions for Uber drivers to 35 hours, up from 20 hours. The higher level emulates the regulation in Montreal for taxi drivers.