Is Apple really serious about iPadThe last three years was difficult for Apple‘s iPad franchise, owing to shrinking tablet market and cannibalization of larger screen iPhones. However, Apple has now taken steps to shore up its tablet business. For instance, it introduced its lowest priced iPad featuring a 9.7-inch display in the year beginning, while refreshing its flagship iPad Pro models. The company also launched compelling software enhancements for the iPad featuring its latest iOS 11 software. Here is a look why Apple is getting more interested in the product line, besides its underwhelming performance in the last few years.

The tablet market has denied for the last 10 consecutive quarters. During the Q1 2017, the total tablet shipments were at 36.2 million per IDC, and this marked a year-over-year decline of 8.5%. However, the two areas faring better are the detachable devices offering a first-party keyboard and witness growth as customers look for more productivity from their tablets. Secondly, budget devices appear immune to the broader slowdown. For instance, both Huawei and Amazon tend to focus on lower-priced devices, and their market shares expand in recent quarters. Apple’s recent moves are to capitalize on these two key trends.

Apple’s iPad Pro lineup is targeted at the detachable tablet market. Premium accessories such as the Apple Pencil and Keyboard also drive margins. Apple unveiled iPad-focused productivity improvements such as enhanced multitasking, drag and drop and file management, as well as a dock (similar to Mac) in its iOS latest version.

Apple stimulates an upgrade cycle for users, bringing them with Apple’s latest hardware and software features up date.