US Student Who Was Jailed In North Korea Gets Freed TodayOtto Frederick Warmbier, the 22 year old student from the US gets relief from North Korea. He was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor after he was found trying to steal a propaganda sign from a hotel. Mr. Warmbier, an economics graduate, passed from the University of Virginia, was sentenced in March 2016.

According to what Rex Tillerson (Secretary of State, United States) said, Otto Warmbier is back to the US to meet his family in Cincinnati, Ohio. His father had said that his son, while in a coma, has been medically evacuated.

The Washington Post says that Warmbier’s parents have been told that Otto had got botulism, just after his trial (fifteen months ago), and since then he is in a coma. Otto Warmbier travelled to the North Korea with Young Pioneer Tours, as a tourist.

His television confession is evident that he did try to take down a slogan which was based on politics, of Yanggakdo International Hotel from a staff area. This act led to his arrest on 2 January 2016 while he was on his way to depart from the North Korea and was imprisoned for crimes against the state.

 Although he was released hours after US basketball player DennisRodman (friend of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un) landed in North Korea, nothing is quite clear if his arrival is linked or not. On June 13, in the year of 2017, the United Staes Department Of State arranged for the release of Otto Warmbier.