California took up the issue of President’s campaign’s important promise that is building a border wall. A litigation filed by the state to cease construction of the wall proclaims that Trump and the Department of Homeland Security breached integrated environmental standards and illegally superseded the power endowed in states.

The initiative taken by country’s most crowded state which has arisen as a global force in the dispute against climate change and center of resistance to the President is the latest stumbling block Trump faces in accomplishing his promise to construct a big, beautiful wall along the US – Mexico border.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said that no one can disregard the law not even the President of United States. Becerra stood in front of the prevailing border enclosure at Border Field State Park near San Diego.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was also present in San Diego conversing with reporters at a dock where he endorsed a record number cocaine annexation by the Coast Guard. When approached about the lawsuit he said that he presumes to persuade in legal provocations to the wall. He also said that the US government has authority of that border and the leadership to procure it.

The legal action comes in the wake of Trump attempting to obtain financing for the border wall which a government study approximated would cost $21.6 billion and which Democrats moderate Republicans alike confront. In August Trump administration declared that it had shortlisted four companies to build tangible framework of the constituent of the wall.