San Francisco and Oakland impeached five significant oil companies maintaining they should incur the cost of sea walls and other projects required to safeguard the cities from the repercussion of climate change. San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera said that the fossil fuel organizations made capital out for decades while acknowledging the fact that they were putting the providence of our cities at risk.

The two communal trouble lawsuits impeached BP, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell of arranging enormous propaganda agitation to dupe the public about peril fossil fuel production present to the planet.

Following both suits, which were lodged in Alameda County and San Francisco County Superior Courts, the organizations were aware about the dangers climate change propelled by fossil fuels which dates back to 1968 when a scientist operating as a consultant for the American Petroleum Institute apprised that CO2 emissions were sure to cause rise in temperatures and sea levels.

Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker said that these organizations knew that the climate change occurring due to fossil fuel was important and dangerous. They also knew that it was generated by their products and they falsified to cover up that expertise to secure their stellar profits.

A state enlisted account furnished in April projects that over next 83 years sea levels will rise up to 10 feet along the coastline of San Francisco where public and private fortunes worth billions of dollars are positioned just 6 feet above sea level.