The closest partners of United States in Asia were caught unaware by President Trump’s recent blow up against North Korea in which he intimidated to take severe action against Kim Jong Un’s regime and ruin an entire country of 25 million people.

Trump ridiculed Kim as “Rocket man” and vocalized that US would totally destroy North Korea if a need to fortify its allies. Japan and South Korea’s were tranquil on Trump’s warning to commence a war in their neighborhood. At the same time China and Russia both cautioned that Trump could risk intensifying tensions.

China’s nationalist Global Times newspaper published a cartoon that said “Bully pulpit,” depicting Trump holding a megaphone and shouting “America First.” The state-owned China Daily newspaper said that Trump’s speech was full of anger. The China Daily wrote in an editorial Wednesday morning that the menacing cessation has been a result of Pyongyang’s and Washington’s determined avocation of their own interests in overlooking of efforts taken by other countries that influence the two opponents to talk. He said President Trump’s to totally demolish North Korea if the need arose. It will aggravate the already strained situation.

The silence from the Japanese Prime minister Shinzo Abe was specially telling as he has been anxious to consent with Trump’s remarks on dealing with North Korea. South Korean President Moon Jae-in whom Trump condemned of trying to placate North Korea by having a dialogue with the regime and has been trying his level best to show that he is on terms with the US President.