One out of every seven men is affected by prostate cancer making it second most conventional type after skin cancer for American men. If detected too late, it tends to be an easy developing disease. However, it can develop to life threatening gravity.

Screening for Prostate cancer can exude fake as well as positive finding, but those at most risk of disease whose father and brother have cancer. African American men overweight men, and those in their 60s and 70s who are in good condition and could expect a rise in life expectancy.

The knowledge comes from the recently launched website of the Shipley Prostate Cancer Research Center at the School of Medicine. Created with a $10.5 million gift from BU trustee Richard Shipley, the center’s lab will be located in the Conte building on the medical campus when it commences. The Center’s focus on discovering genomic approximates to decide which prostate cancers are belligerent and require therapy and which can be simply observed.

The center’s website and Facebook page and Twitter account are functioning now providing comprehensible unbiased information on essentially everything anyone wants to know about prostate cancer.  There’s “Prostate 101,” an overview about the prostate, advice about prostate cancer and acquiring a second opinion, a listing of symptoms, information on screening, treatment options, and state of research.

Site editor Gretchen Gignac, a School of Medicine associate professor of hematology and medical oncology said that the center is a signal of information to patients as an incubator for medical research. She said that the website will be distinctive as in it will give latest information both on diagnostic and treatment option which will be easily understood by the layman.