Shedd Aquarium dolphin giving birth is one of the rarest sights that got captured in a video for the entire world to see. Giving birth is a moment of joy for every mother and this dolphin calf who became famous the moment he came into this world, or better to say the water world, seems to have made her mother even happier. The Pacific white-sided dolphin named Katri gave birth to this little dolphin at the marine mammal Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, U.S.A. this week.

It comes out like every baby comes out, little by little and our heartbeat becomes fast as we watch the video. The 28-year-old mother dolphin went through 3-hour labour after which the tail started coming and in a matter of few seconds, the baby dolphin came out. It is a sight that you will never forget, this birth moment will be etched in your memory. Mothers and fathers you might go back to your pregnancy times, and show your little ones what it means to be born and start living in this world.

Chicago Sun Times reported,”The calf’s gender is not yet known, but it is estimated to be about three feet long and weigh about 25 pounds, according to a statement announcing the calf’s birth. Though the Shedd team remains “cautiously optimistic,” the calf and mom Katrl appear healthy.

This is the first calf for Katrl, who gave birth at 9:14 a.m. after three hours labor with more than 40 staff members and veterinary staff standing by, according to the release. She routinely swam to her trainers for rubdowns, and snacked on capelin and herring.

There are only 16 Pacific white-sided dolphins in North American zoos, making the birth even more significant, according to the release.

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