Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo replying to the enormous safety infringement at Equifax will suggest regulations that make credit reporting organizations to similar rules as banks and insurance companies as to safeguard the consumer’s interest.

The proposition would need companies like Equifax, Experian and Transunion to list with the state’s Department of Financial Services, whose supervisor will have immense powers to contradict or repeal their accreditation to do business in the state or to prosecute, if a company does not obey or captures in forbidden practices considered unfair, misleading or exploitative.

Senior administration officials said that the suggested pronouncement would in effect make it illegitimate for uncatalogued credit reporting agencies to compose expositions on consumers in New York or to collect fees from banks for their services.

These regulations come in the wake of Equifax that is based in Atlanta, announced that hackers had obtain entrance to fragile personal information for 143 million consumers and sprint away with over 200,000 credit card numbers.  The incident accentuated gaps in directives that permit credit reporting agencies to record consumer information like names, addresses and Social Security numbers without meticulous inspection for how the data is gathered, shielded and utilized.

Mr. Cuomo said that contravention was high time for realization and enumerated that he wished that the ruling will be reproduced nationwide. He said that an individual’s credit history influences essentially every part of their lives and the time is not to sit indolent when New Yorkers prevail exposed from cyber-attacks due to the negligent security. He reiterated that the supervision of credit reporting agencies will assist in ensuring that private information is less unprotected to cyber-attacks and other atrocious acts in the emerging frontier of a speedily changing digital world.