Chelsea Manning said that she is not an American traitor as the critics have professed and she has acted in the manner that was right according to her. Manning announced in a conference in Nantucket which was her premiere public advent since being emancipated from a military prison in May. The Associated Press was the only media outlet present.

She told the crowd that she did what she believed was best in her situation and she took a moral decision. The convict is a transgender woman who was known as Bradley Manning when she was sentenced in 2013 of disclosing a reservoir of stratified documents. She was set free after spending seven years of a 35 years sentence which was reduced by President Barack Obama in his last days of his term.

Manning conversed at the yearly conference for The Nantucket Project in Massachusetts an enterprise embarked to bring together creative thinkers to discuss and discover ideas. Around 600 people were present for the conference.

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Tom Scott who launched The Nantucket Project with Kate Brosnan said that they had summoned Manning for a clear comprehension. He said that both his brother and father are Marines. They would considerably summon some of her decisions. He said further that Barack Obama had reduced her sentence.  He said he thought that Obama was a proficient and credulous man. How do those two things mingle? Observing her individually in person is the supreme way to decrypt that.