Apple CEO Tim Cook said that many innovations have taken place over the past decade as he explained the 10-year history of the iPhone in Apple’s brand-new Steve Jobs theater, at its new Apple Park headquarters in California. Apple has expounded the modern smartphone more than any other company.

It has been proven a competition for BlackBerry and Nokia in 2007, and is adding novel features every year. In 2017, the latest iPhone X has features like scanning your face, wireless charging, curvy screen and glossy glass face. As cook announced the iPhone X will explicate the next decade of smartphones. Apple has been consistently giving its users innovation after innovation without any kind of opposition. It’s arduous to change this phenomenon in the next 10 years. As of now there is no competition for Apple as far as iPhones are concerned.

Apple’s skill is that it doesn’t let competition go in its head. It’s finicky about the tech upheavals it chooses for its gadgets and ingeniously generates use cases for all of them.   However adeptly designed Apple products may be that the company has a unhurried and probable annual release cycles that the contestants can depend on to try and gain an edge and it continually waits two or more years to display a new product design.

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Winning over Apple seems to be an easy affair on the paper, yet no company seems to be enthusiastic enough to be able to do it. Instead of Android phone makers expediting Apple it has decelerated the rest of them down. The entire industry now pursues its steady, trudging pace of innovation.