The Supreme Court arrived at a decision with the Trump administration to withhold a lower-court decision that would have permitted more fugitives to enter the country. The court provided a one paragraph statement according the administration’s appeal for a stay of the contemporary legal navigation that includes the President’s chief order on immigration. There were no recorded arguments to the resolution.

The moot point is whether the President can obstruct a group of about 24000 refugees who have guarantee from the sponsors from entering the United States. A committee of the US court of appeals for the 9th Circuit had elucidated a Supreme Court order this summer to intend that such fugitives should be permitted, but there was an objection from the government.

The contemporary court actions are a part of the intricate legal fight that commenced in January when President Trump provided the first rendition of an entry ban. The prevalent case emanates out of Supreme Court ruling in June that endorsed a limited version of Presidential instruction that momentarily blocked fugitives and citizens of six majority-Muslim countries.

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The justices said that Trump could levy a restricted variant of the measure but not on a person with a “bona fide” association to the United States such as having family members here, a job offer or a place in a U.S. university. The issue that is being debated is the elucidation of a bona fide tie to the United States.