The onslaught of Hurricane Irma has reestablished the importance of communication with the outside world. As it was declared a category 4 storm and more than 6.3 billion were evacuated, Zello a smartphone app came to the rescue of the volunteers and responses have become pivotal to the efforts.

Zello was launched in Russia in 2007 under the name LoudTalks and now swaggers of 100 million users around the world. Upon being presented in Houston Chronicle story about the “Cajun Navy” of volunteers who have been utilizing this app to correlate their efforts during hurricane Harvey, this app hit the roof of US app store.

Zello has appended six million new registered users since Monday. The company’s CEO, Bill Moore said that it is now the top free App on the iOS app store. He also said that with the swarm of new users and calamity conditions, the Zello team is working hard and long either conserving potential or helping with customer support. Now, with Hurricane Irma impending on Florida, interest in Zello has gone up yet again.

Usage of walkie talkie especially in catastrophic situations like the Hurricane is indeed the most convenient and easy to use tool. It’s easier for the volunteers who can use them rather than typing on a smart phone. With wet hands and bad weather, it is the most convenient to use.

However, the social media is omnipresent with wrong assertions that the app will operate even without a cell signal may be because of its usage in disaster context.