Many Democrats wobbly from their new found health policy triumph are eagerly aiming for the mountaintop demonstrating a single-payer system for all Americans. But they could have learnt something from their opposition like “repeal and replace,” “single-payer” is a widely welcomed mantra that papers over intraparty dissent and forcible policy choices.

Republicans floundered multiple ventures to substitute the Affordable Care Act this year.  If the Democrats finally wrenched back power they may find themselves factionalized and hindered over the details. In a single-payer structure the government pays all the medical bills. Once at the brink of political discussion ridiculed as a social fantasy it is expediting into the mainstream of Democratic politics usually under the watchword “Medicare for all.”

A majority of House Democrats have signed a single player bill since January brought by John Conyers of Michigan. The bill has been instigated seven times before without any support. Senator Bernie Sanders proposes to introduce his own single-payer bill on Wednesday. Till now it has tempted three senators considered as Presidential aspirants: Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Kamala Harris of California and Cory Booker of New Jersey mentioned that they will promote the bill.

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The idea has obtained adhesion among the public as well. Latest polling from Gallup advocates that support for a government run healthcare system is 43 percent, nearly 10 percentage points higher than it was in 2010. Among Democrats, the notion entices 63 percent support. Mr. Sanders said in an interview that if there is an increase in the numbers of members of the congress saying that they support single payer because now they are assured of the fact that it is not politically hazardous as it used to be.