Hillary Clinton’s campaign may have been vanquished but she is not going to accept her defeat quietly. Clinton told NPR that America is in a grave danger; therefore efforts are being made towards engaging people so that they will pay attention. Her career as a candidate is finished.

She said that it would be a travesty for her to just go away, the democrats would not definitely agree with her decision. She said that they will be disappointed. She reiterated that her presence is going to bestow responsibility on her shoulders as she has the experience and awareness and scars that may prompt her to speak out.

In her latest campaign memoir ‘What Happened’ and in interviews with Morning Edition‘s Rachel Martin and NPR’s Tamara Keith, Clinton talked about her own failings and referred to sexism in American politics and criticized Trump.

She said that Trump is being played proposing that he has assisted and comforted Russia’s Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. She further said that Trump is unaware of deliberate outlook of what is going around in the world and what we need to doing to prepare, and so I’m going to keep speaking out.

However Trump is in Oval office instead of her being there and she provides a spate of clarifications on where she went wrong in the book and in her interviews with NPR. She said that she takes the complete responsibility for the loss. She will never forget that her name was on the ballot.