The rumours worldwide about the new colour of the iPhones, is in our ears from months. The recent report reveals that whatever the new colour might be will replacing the current Space Gray. This will keep the colour choice to 4. The new finish will be so finishing and attractive according to the rumours.

blue colour iPhone 7 plus

First there were whispers about the new colour of the up coming iPhone 7 Plus. The colours that were in the reports, first was Deep Blue then it jumped to Space Gray. Then revealing the rumours of the photos of 4 finishes says the classic colours to be Space Gray, Silver Gold and Rose Gold. This has put the rest colours options in rumours now.

Today there was leak about the new colour. But the hot news is iPhone 7 Plus in Deep Blue is caught. And also the photos of the new phone have also been in eyes of many. This iPhone is running on beta of iOS 10. This we can say as sources were spotting the new notification cards and easily recognizable wallpaper. iPhone is now with the dual speaker grille and lack of 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom along with the dual camera module.

It was again compared with the old good iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and it has shown that the Apple phablet of 2016 will be same size as of 2015 edition.

The Deep Blue colour in the photo is cool and subdued. But all the same, whether the photos are legitimate or not is still the question. We are only a month back from the release of the new iPhones so it’s not hard to know that there will be working prototype somewhere out there.