Comcast is the speediest broadband ISP in the US, according to Ookla the planner behind the favored website. Ookla also mentioned that T mobile is the speediest wireless carrier in the US. Ookla discovered that Comcast Xfinity barely topped Verizon’s FiOS service as the speediest broadband ISP while T mobile just fringed out Verizon Wireless as the fastest wireless carrier.

The data indicated 26 million distinctive broadband users functioning over 111 million tests across Ookla’s service. In the mobile zone around 3 million distinctive gadgets were used to initiate 14 million tests, spawning a wide ranging look at how each service fared both nationwide and over time.

The most important element in increasing broadband speeds, Ookla discovered that transition to DOCSIS 3.1 modems, aided in heaving speeds severely and made pricing alternatives such as a $69 gigabit package offered by Verizon, workable. The exceptional download speed within US is 64Mbps down, and 22.8Mbps up.

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Ookla discovered that this evolution led to direct enhancements in speeds for individual ISPs and also prompt the kind of contention that makes acceptable, speedier service available to more people. Comcast’s Xfinity also fared the highest when evaluating what Ookla called “acceptable speed,” or the amount of times obtainable speed ventured above 10Mbps. According to Ookla that speed is fast enough to stream HD video while another person on the same connection can sufficiently access the internet. Comcast conveyed high quality service over 90 percent of the time.