A developing Oregon wildfire smothered arts of Portland’s metropolitan area with ash and the extended stretch of highway was enforced to shut down through the state’s picturesque Columbia River Gorge. The cities of Seattle and Denver were engulfed by a thick blanket of smoke inducing health advice and called off outdoor ventures for children by many schools.

The National Inter agency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, a federal agency that harmonizes wildfire-confrontation said that there were 80 large fires burning on 2,200 square miles in nine Western states. The 16 square mile fire east of Portland strained hundreds of home eviction. Cinder from the fire wafted in the air across the Columbia River provoking blazes in the neighboring Washington state.

The wildfire spread swiftly giving police just minutes to apprise residents on the Oregon side of the river to evacuate their homes. Dave Thompson, a spokesman for Oregon’s Department of Transportation said that a 30-mile section of Interstate 84 was shut in both directions as thick smoke and falling ash inundated and the flames extended to the roadways in some areas. He also said that “If it jumps the road, you’d be driving through a wall of flame.”

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People in Oregon enveloped their faces to protect themselves from the smoke and the ashes falling on them. In a separate incident fast-moving wildfire in northern Utah dragged down a Canyon demolishing propelling clearing and closing highways. Five homes burnt and more than 1000 people were evacuated as excessive winds fueled the flames in the canyon north of Salt Lake City.