The Gamescom 2016 is expected to have a bagful of surprises for the gamers. According to the reports, there are loads of games that will be taken to the gaming world during the event. The 2016 Gamescom will have games like For Honor, Prey, Dishonored 2, Gears of War, Sea of Thieves, Resident Evil 7, etc. at the disposal of the games. What turns out even more interesting is that many game manufacturers will also be hosting a live streaming, which will tell the gamers a bit more about the gameplay of the respective games.Gamescom 2016: EA Sports to live stream insights to the upcoming games

It turns out that EA Sports is one of the big gunners for the event. With games like Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and Fifa 17, EA Sports will certainly draw a lot of attention. The EA Gamescom 2016 will be primarily focused on the gameplay and the new features of the upcoming games.

Talking of Fifa 17, the original gameplay insights will be coming straight from the developers. In fact the ultimate team for this edition will also be showcased during the EA Gamescom 2016. For Titanfall 2, there will be streaming (Watch it here) of the gameplay elements during the event. The makers are also looking forward to share the squads for Bttlefield 1, thus allowing the users to get a grip of what to expect. You can follow the livestreaming of the EA Conference at Gamescom 2016 here.

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According to what we know currently. Battlefield 1 is all set to be released on 21st October this year. Titalfall 2 is scheduled to be released about a week later on 28th October. This year’s Gamescom is also expected to have a lot of game developers for the first time at the event. Considering the intensity that Gamescom 2016 has already created, one will have to keep a close look at what is happening.