A milestone in drug study has opened the gateway for reducing the risk of heart attacks. It is beyond the standard advice of reducing cholesterol encouraging new inroads in the treatment in America’s number one killer. The detection which occurred two decades after the discovery of effective cholesterol-lowering drugs, called statins consumed by millions was announced in Barcelona and issued in two medical journals.

This study is considered as a scientific victory implying that the drug treatment for heart disease is humongous. The scientists have been waiting to discover a fact that lessening inflammation could be the path towards treating artery-clogging heart disease.

Mark Creager, a past president of the American Heart Association said that the drug study adds a new dimension to reduce death and disability. We have dealt with such difficult inroads as far as heart disease is concerned that it’s hard to imagine that we could bestow additional interests.

However, the consequence and the timing any interests yet needs to be proven.Novartis the drug company that subsidized the trial aims at meeting the regulators later this year and lodge for consent by this year end. The drug an injection given once every three months would be examined by the Food and Drug Administration.

The study showcased the results that will benefit the patients a 15 percent reduction in heart attacks, stroke and cardiovascular death. In carefully chosen high risk populace encountered a previous heart attack and had delirious levels of inflammation in their blood.