The parent company of the network, 21st Century Fox has declared that the much debated controversial channel will go off air as there is a limited viewership for it in the UK. The network has become a scapegoat for critics who want to impair the Murdochs’ planned $15 billion takeover of Sky, the top pay TV provider in the U.K.

Fox News’ prime focus is US market and it has been developed for US audience therefore its reach in the UK is very limited.21st Century Fox said that they have come to an agreement that it is not viable commercially to continue providing Fox News in the U.K.

The resolution to ditch the network in Britain could help safeguard 21st Century Fox from allegations as it endeavors to gain consent for its takeover of Sky.U.K. culture secretary Karen Bradley said that she was likely to introduce 21st Century Fox’s acquisition of Sky for an additional review, laying down merger up for many additional months of delays. She also said that she was concerned that this transaction would give the Murdoch family too much of power over British media. They are already managing three British newspapers – The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times.

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U.K. media regulator Ofcom said that the Murdochs and 21st Century Fox would be eligible as competent for a U.K. broadcast license. But it said it had also encountered several drawbacks at Fox News. Ofcom also mentioned that the charges of sexual harassment against erstwhile Fox News boss Roger Ailes and former star host Bill O’Reilly had showcased momentous shortcomings of the corporate culture and the supposed demeanor  was very disturbing.