USA`s 5th largest Bank the PNC Bank is now supporting the Microsoft Wallet. Also there is a report of US Bank, in addition to the PNC Bank is also supporting Microsoft wallet on Windows 10 Mobile.

microsoft wallet service

So, this is a good news for the Windows users who use PNC Bank and US bank. They will be able to use their Windows 10 mobile for paying for their things. Either you do shopping, recharge your phone, pay your bills you can easily do it via your phones.

But have a note, that this Microsoft wallet only works on some devices. It includes Lumia 650, 950 and 950 XL. Also remember if you are owing an older device then also you will not be able to use this service.

Additionally, one more thing is brining up to notice and that is important. Microsoft Wallet only supports tap-to-pay in United States only at the moment. But no worries here, as the companies will soon be bringing up tap-to -pay in other countries as well for this service.

Currently the Wallet service is supported by seven Banks in the U.S. for tap to pay. Some banks are also planning to support the Microsoft Wallet service such as Chase and the Fifth Third Band. And stay in touch with us as here you will get to know when these banks will be active for the Microsoft Wallet.