The SNES is launching its classic new version including the featured tricks to beat the difficult levels of Nintendo game.The users can plug in the HDMI and power, little flap, flip down which covers the ports and controllers and then can start playing Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox or F-Zero.

This new upgraded version having some classic features derived version of the predecessor NES Classic game.It is reported that there was a meeting held by Nintendo PR agency, which had a deep discussion about the operating system used by the new classic version of SNES and the home screens it is having.  The previous classic version of NES was launched in last year which had gained a tremendous success.

The new SNES Classic is upgraded with two controllers, as compared with the old NES Classic, which was having only one. Hence, the price has been increased by $20 than the NES Classic. People are expecting the SNES Classic which is already hyping all over, will be rewarding and compete with the leading gameslikes Street Fighter 2 and Super Mario Cart, etc.

This is for the first time that user can buy again the Star Fox, as the Nintendo never let any of its SNES game to be re-released which has used the Virtual Console with Super FXcoprocessor chip. The SNES new game will be introduced with user with more smart and interesting features to play and it also having different disguising characters like Peppy, Falco, Slippy, Fox, Fay, and Miyu. These all characters are having unique attributes.