A Huston man was charged with attempt to bomb a statue in that city that was honoring a Confederate military figure according to Federal authorities. The accusations were filed and made public. The country has struggled with handling of the confederate monuments, a matter that has taken a center stage on a new found importance since savageryemerged in Charlottesville this month.

Officials said Andrew Schneck, 25, was spotted by Houston Park Ranger late Saturday night with substance effective of creating a feasible explosive device. According to FBI affidavitSchneck was noticed after 11:00 pm bowing down in front of the General Dowling Monument. The statue made of marble honored Richard Dowling who fulfilled his duties as a military leader and then a recruiter for the federation.

Schneck was carrying two boxes inclusive of timer and wiresan FBI special agent wrote in the affidavit. This instigated the park ranger to communicate to the Houston Police Department that informed its bomb squad. The park ranger said that Schneck agreed to the fact that he wanted to destroy the Dowling statue because he did not have positive feelings for that guy.

At a certain point of time Schneck captured a clear plastic bottle seeming to be full of a clear liquid from one of the boxes. He advanced to empty the contents of the bottle on the ground next to him. The Houston police bomb squad finally resolved that the clear liquid was nitroglycerin, an explosive.