A killer Whale at SeaWorld was euthanizedafter a long treatment for abacterial infection on Tuesday. “Kasatka,”was considered the matriarch of the orca family. She was a mother of four, grandmother of six and great grandmother of two.

Kasatka, 42, was considered by the most of current researchers as an older killer whale at the embattled amusement park in San Diego.

SeaWorld said in a statement that her health and appetite had significantly declinedover the past several days. The caretakers and veterinarians of Kasatka made the difficult decision to euthanize her to prevent compromising her quality of life.

Kasatka’s confinement began when she was caught in 1978 when she was captured and then sold to SeaWorld. She performed around eight shows a day for guests.

Unfortunately,in 2017,this is the third orca death at a SeaWorld park. In January,The famed whale Tillikum died. The three-month-old orca calf Kyara diedthree weeks ago at SeaWorld San Antonio. Now, there are 10 orcas in the San Diego theme park, including five males and five females.

According to SeaWorld, those whales appear to be healthy. But they are monitoring and analyzing for any changes in their behavior.

Park officials stated that all of them at SeaWorld are deeply saddened by this loss. The loss of Kasatka is disturbing for the animal care, veterinary and training teams. Butthey are thankful for the joy she has brought them and more 125 million park quests.

Now,the SeaWorld team’s attention remains focused on the rest of the orca family to provide the care and attention they need, at the Orca Encounter facility.