A Japanese video game console maker Nintendo sounds to be in problem over the design of its Switch controllers.

Hardware developer Gamevice filed a lawsuit in California against Nintendo, claiming that the Joy-Con controller design is too similar to its own products. Gamevice also claims that Nintendo is infringing on its patent.

According to The Verge,Gamevice was originally known as Wikipad, a tablet, and tablet peripheral manufacturer.

Its first product was a gaming tablet that it launched in 2012 and set to go on sale in October 2012 but was postponed at the last minute. Then it was re-launched in June 2013.

Gamevice has released multiple standalone detachable controllers for a wide variety of mobile devices like the Galaxy S8, iPad, and iPad Pro and launched an “iPhone 7 game controllers earlier this year, which costs around $100.

Gamevice patent “Combination computing device and game controller with flexible bridge section,”was granted back in 2015.In its complaint, Gamevice puts forward some arguments to support its claim that Nintendo is infringing on its properties and is requesting the court to stop manufacturing and disposal of the device.It is also demanding for damages in cost.

It’s not clear if the court will allow this patent lawsuit to proceed. However, Nintendo declined to comment on this matter.