Jeffery Lord faces the repercussion on using Nazi sloganJeffery Lord, the unrelenting defender of Trump whose recommendation converted him into an overnight celebrity. However, he was fired by CNN after a complicated twitter exchange in which he evoked a Nazi salute.

Mr. Lord was always reprimanded by critics for his persistent lobbying on Mr. Trump’s behalf.It was his social media quarrel that led to his expulsion. He had recently charged with Angelo Carusone, President of the liberal watchdog site Media Matters of imitating fascists by summoning sponsors to debar Sean Hannity’s Fox News show.

When Mr. Carusone responded to the accusations, Mr. Lord posted the words, “Sieg Heil”, answer meant to ridicule Mr. Carusone. CNN executives saw the issue in another light. They viewed the Nazi salute as unjustifiable.

Mr. Lord, a doyen of the Regan White House became CNN’s first paid pro-Trump contributor in July 2015. Mr. Trump was a republican candidate then and had advocated Mr. Lord after protesting that the network’s panelists seem to detest him.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lord was residing with his mother and writing magazine pieces. Soon he was pervasive on television appreciated by Mr. Trump’s supporters as an unparalleled and prevailing voice for their candidate.

However, Mr. President’s aides are growing grumpy with Mr. Lord’s lenient onscreen manner. But White House has always considered him as a contemplative analyst. Mr. Trump’s team wants to hire more antagonistic experts representing the President’s views.

Mr. Lord sounded optimistic about his unexpected unemployment. He said he loved CNN and revered Jeffrey A. Zucker, the network’s President. He however stated that he found his firing awfully sardonic.