Papayas infection - more than 100 get infected with salmonella in USEating a papaya has been always a pleasure filled activity. But late last month, federal food safety regulators disclosed they had linked a possible Salmonella outbreak.  Now as the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention continue investigating the occurrences, a second review has been originated, including more than one hundred people have fallen ill.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 109 people in 16 states have caught the illness from eating papayas detected to the Carica de Campeche farm in Campeche, Mexico. One person in New York City died.

Cases in New York nearly tripled to 36 since the last report on July 21 and NewJersey cases have more than doubled to 26. Virginia has had 11 cases, Pennsylvania seven and Maryland has had six.

Connecticut and Minnesota each have four cases, and Massachusetts has had three.

Iowa, Kentucky, North Carolina and Oklahoma have reported two cases and Delaware, Louisiana Michigan and Wisconsin have had one each.

Now the FDA is working with Mexican food safety authorities to conduct inspections and other follow up activities.

Salmonella bacteria can create symptoms including diarrhoea stomach cramps and fever. Usually, the infection travelsless than a week and most of the time patients do not need any treatment.But in serious condition patient can require hospitalization for treatment.

Salmonella infection can come from animals and animal’s food products- like milk, eggs and meat.

However, vegetables and fruits can also get infected from farm activities.