The Decline of Trumps popularity amidst widespread mistrustPresident Trump has finished a time period of six months into his office but his appreciation index is very low. The biggest reason is mistrust amongst the people about his policies or decision making capabilities.

A recent survey has shown only 38% of people have approved his presidency and 56% saying they disapprove. According to a new poll around 47% disapprove of Trump’s job handling whereas 24% are in an approval mode for Trump’s performance.

Those numbers don’t hold any water now especially in the case of Trump’s core supporters. The Republicans have shown their support which has been reducing considerably from 73% in February to 59% now.

The whites who do not hold a college degree and which comprise a core element of Trump’s base.  The percentage of people that strongly approve is 35% which has gone down 12 points whereas among the Democrats, there has been a strong disapproval has held steady around 80%.

As far as the major issues are concerned, they are showing a decline in the approval ratings. People’s expectations that Trump will bring a change are slowly dwindling. Only 43% say that he can bring about the changes the country aspires for whereas the crowd that believes that Trump can bring an effective change stands at 39%.

The survey mirrors the extensive doubts about the accuracy coming from the White House. Only a quarter of Americans believe what is said in the White House while 30% say that they do not trust anything at all of what they hear from the President’s office.